Book Review: Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

Book Review: Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis
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Frankly I found this book underwhelming. The title came up in a selection of International Women’s Day suggestions, and I was a little intrigued. As women, our default position is to apologise. Whether it’s at work or at home. Whether it’s with people we know well, or people we don’t know at all. Something I personally want to get better at is not apologising. Unfortunately, this book didn’t really help me with that at all.

The author referred to her other books frequently – as if I, the reader, knew who she was and what her claim to fame is/was. Sorry Rachel, this is the first time I had heard of you, and will probably be the last time I read one of your books. (Sorry, not sorry!)

The whole premise seemed to be about the author’s success in life and business, while seemingly having it all. The husband, four kids, businesses etc. Things we should stop apologising for: having a nanny to look after our children because we try to have it all. Demanding first class airfares when being booked to speak at an event. It just seemed a but braggy, and not particularly useful. I am not sure how many times the author mentioned being a New York Times Bestseller – so many I lost count. Same with the boob job.

The book seemed poorly structured and quite rambling. The content could have been covered in a couple of one hour podcasts.

I think in another setting the author is probably quite motivating and inspiring – but I just couldn’t see it with this example alone. If you’re interested you could follow her social pages, visit her website etc.

OK, so the good parts:

I did like the author’s commentary around setting good habits. There was one part in the book about the number of decisions we have to make a day, and how many of them we do on autopilot. Therefore if we form good habits, we will be making the right decisions for ourselves more often. This could be related to work, home, health, or lifestyle.

Some of the examples given were really excellent. In one such example she tells the story of an acquaintance who wants to become a writer. This person asks Rachel about the best way to set up a writing nook or office in order to write their book. I did have to agree with the author that it is a case of just getting started, without the luxury of a dedicated space. Whether you need to put on headphones to block out the hubbub, or get out of bed before the rest of your household awaken – the answer is just doing it! Set aside time to achieve the goals you are setting for yourself!

Another example was the people who attend a Gary Vaynerchuk event who want to be just like him – but instead of learning anything stupidly invest their time in scrolling their Insta feed. Like Gary Vee, Rachel insists that the key to success is in the hustle and working hard, and I did like this comment and found it one of the more relatable pieces in the book.

It was an easy enough listen, and I wouldn’t discourage anybody from downloading the book…Gyou might get more out of it than I did.

The audiobook also comes with a PDF add-on, which is 5 pages of motivational quote posters.

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